Become an instructor

Becoming a My Smart Hands® instructor is even better than ever! My Smart Hands® baby sign language program was just awarded the PTPA award of excellence. We can use the PTPA seal on all of our marketing materials, showing potential clients that our program has undergone the PTPA evaluation and was awarded their seal of excellence!

On top of that wonderful recognition My Smart Hands® instructors now have the opportunity to be CERTIFIED instructors via a testing program vs simply licensed. Once you have undergone the My Smart Hands training program you will have a chance to take an online test designed specifically for My Smart Hands® instructors. Once you pass the test you will receive a laminated certification card that will have your information along with the PTPA seal that shows people you are an official certified baby sign language instructor!

Do you want to be a baby sign language teacher? Are you interested in running your own business and setting your own schedule? Do you have a family that you want to spend more time with but still want to work a little? Do you have American Sign Language (ASL) experience or the desire to learn? If you answered yes to these questions then we can help you get started!

At My Smart Hands® we use 100% ASL signs in our program. Our curriculum was designed by Laura Berg, a curriculum specialist, certified teacher with a M.Ed. Laura has designed many successful programs used in schools. She has trained teachers, daycare staff and librarians to use sign language in their programs. Laura is also a national guest speaker on the topic of using Sign Language to promote literacy. Education is the number one value to Laura, which she feels is clearly conveyed in our curriculum. Our program is easy to follow and fun for the parents to take!

As a My Smart Hands® instructor you will receive amazing support. Laura Berg is always available to instructors via the phone and email to give help and guidance especially during the start up phase. We also have Regional Coordinators who are allocated to you to also give you ongoing support. You will receive emails from them each month giving you great suggestions for running your classes. And finally you will have the support of other MSH instructors. We have a uniquely designed MSH forum that is only open to MSH instructors. In this forum you will find a place where you can ‘meet’ all the other instructors, read great suggestions on topics such as marketing, workshops, running exciting classes etc. There is a file section where you will find hundreds of files for you to use at your disposal. There are brochures, fliers, business cards, certificates and game ideas available to you. You won’t have to ‘reinvent the wheel’; it is all there for you to use. Our instructors are extremely supportive of one another. We have people from all walks of life which is why MSH is a great company to be affiliated with!

At My Smart Hands® we have easy to follow, full color manuals for the parents who take your classes that have full descriptions of all of the signs that we teach. Most importantly, and what instructors find most helpful, are our training videos. As a My Smart Hands® instructor you will receive 3 DVDs with over 5 hours of instruction. Our training DVDs consist of walking you through each lesson. You will see clips from actual classes as well as how to sign all our songs and play the games we play in class. You will also see full classes from start to finish in order to help you understand the structure and flow of a class! The videos are broken up into easy to view chapters for quick review of specific parts.

To apply to become a My Smart Hands® baby sign language teacher please contact Karen at: RCdirector at


**PLEASE NOTE:Instructors in Toronto, Ontario and Calgary, Alberta work under a different model. Please contact us for more details.

All My Smart Hands® instructors are required to have at least a basic level of American Sign Language. If you do not have any ASL experience we would require you to either take one in person in your city or online at It is important as a My Smart Hands® instructor that you have an understanding and respect of ASL.

Even though we have an easy to follow training program that will teach you everything you need to know to run a class, we feel you need to have a basic level of understanding of the language you will be teaching. The first step in becoming an instructor is to send your resume or a detailed email about yourself and your desire to join our wonderful team of instructors to Karen Popma,  please put ‘Application for MSH instructor’ in the subject line.

After your application is reviewed, Karen will send you our licensing agreement for your review and will schedule a time to call you for a phone interview. This interview is an opportunity for Karen to get to know you better and a time for you to ask any questions you may have about our program.

As a MSH instructor you will receive the following:

  • Ongoing support from Laura, your Regional Coordinator and all of the other MSH instructors!
  • Your own webpage on our MSH website.
  • Your own MSH email address
  • Access to hundreds of marketing materials and games. You can simply print these off to suit your own needs.
  • A full color class manual with the signs and songs we teach in class.
  • MSH original music that we teach in our classes. Click the links to view a couple of the songs we teach in our classes: Please Change Me! and I Love To Ride
  • A MSH promotional DVD with the videos of Fireese signing. Fireese is the most famous signing baby on the internet with her first video receiving over 5 million views! These videos are valuable when promoting your classes, many parents sign up on the spot once they see an actual signing baby. Many have heard of the concept but few have seen a signing baby in action!
  • MSH training DVDs that are over 5 hours in length giving you step-by-step instructions on how to run an amazing MSH baby signing class. And access to our MSH instructor forum where you can gain valuable access to instructor information.
  • Discount purchasing on MSH flash cards to resell in your classes.
  • MSH certification program where you receive a certification card once you successfully complete the program.

We offer a number of great programs and the good news is you have access to all of these programs with your initial $175 registration fee. Because if you are successful we are successful!

We have two levels of curriculum, MSH level 1 and MSH level 2. These two levels can be modified to teach a number of different program:

  1. MSH baby sign language classes
  2. MSH daycare classes
  3. MSH daycare worker workshops
  4. MSH teacher workshops
  5. MSH parent workshops
  6. MSH home school group classes
  7. MSH special need courses
  8. MSH online courses NEW!


Our curriculum is extremely user friendly that it is easily modified to suit your interests as a teacher. You will find great ideas in our MSH forum to make each one of these classes a huge success.

Because we do pride ourselves in being about education vs ‘business’ we want to keep the cost of becoming a My Smart Hands™ instructor affordable. We know that it isn’t easy starting up your own business and appreciate the fact that many of us don’t have a lot of money to put out when undertaking such an endeavor.

The cost of becoming a licensed MSH instructor is $175.

The only other cost to you is you are required to buy a fabulous MSH manual for each parent in your class. Our manuals are broken down into weekly themes. They have full color pictures of children producing the signs along with a description of how to make the sign for easy review long after the course is finished. The manuals have songs that we teach each week as well as homework suggestions for the parents in order for them to implement the class teaching into their week. Each manual also comes with MSH downloadable songs that we teach in our classes. It includes original MSH songs that parents and babies really enjoy! The cost of the manuals are $20 (plus shipping and taxes where applicable) which includes the 15 song CD download ($15 for manual and $5 for music = $20 total). The cost for the manuals is passed along to the parents in your class registration fee. We feel very fortunate that our instructors are able to run successful businesses and therefore we are able to keep our membership costs low!

To maintain your membership with My Smart Hands you will be required to sign a new license each year. The renewal expectation is that you have purchased 20 or more manuals throughout the year. If you have not purchase more than 20 manuals you will be required to purchase that amount to renew. If you’ve already purchased 10 then you’d only need to purchase an additional 10 manuals to renew.

The sky is the limit! How it works is, you determine the price you are going to charge for you classes. We do not tell you how much you have to charge because some areas like LA can charge more where others can’t charge as much. We suggest that you google other mom and baby type classes in your area (mom & baby music, yoga, dance etc) to see what they are charging. Make sure it is a specialty class when comparing prices. This will give you an idea of what you could charge in your area. You keep all of the registration money, we do not take a percentage of your business, the only expense to you is the cost of the manuals ($20 + shipping) and any rental fee you may have.