How do I Sign a NAME in ASL | Viewer Q&A

Today I’m answering the question – How do you sign a person’s name in ASL. This is a great question because people always assume that there is one sign for one name but this isn’t the case. Watch and see how you sign a person’s name. Check out other view question and answer videos here:(…)

Regional Differences of Signs (ASL) | Viewer Questions

Today I’m talking about the regional differences of signs. There is sometimes more than one way to sign the same word. Be sure to check out what regional differences are and why it’s important to know. Check out other view question and answer videos here:

Signing Stories – “Good Girl”

We LOVE hearing your Signing Stories, and have reached out to our own instructors to hear their favourites as well! Here is a sweet story from our instructor, Dawna, who is located in Pickering Ontario (View Website). Thank you for sharing, Dawna! We adopted our daughter from China and she was 12 months, 2 weeks(…)

Soon vs Name in ASL | Viewer Questions

I’m answering viewer questions! Today’s question is what’s the difference between soon and name in ASL. Do you have a question? Leave it in the comment section or send me an email to laura at mysmarthands com Follow me on twitter at Join us on FB – Do you like travel? check out(…)