Homemade Freezie Holder

Who doesn’t love freezies in the summer? My kids are always complaining about cold hands when they eat freezies. I found a simple way to keep their hands warm when eating their freezies.

Learn the #ASL Weather Signs with Fireese!

Learn ASL weather signs with Fireese with this fun song!

Healthy Chickpea Snack Kids Will Love

Summer is upon us, and finding new and healthy snacks can sometimes be challenging. You’ll be surprised how much your child will love this healthy and easy to make snack. And if you get them involved with making it they’ll love it even more!
You can also try it sweet by adding maple syrup and cinnamon to it. We just used seasoning salt.

Free Father’s Day Gift Idea! OneDay App

We love this new free app we’ve discovered. It’s called OneDay app and can be found at
The app is super easy to use and has several different themes. Perfect for Father’s Day! Have fun making your own videos that dad will love.
Be sure to check out more of our videos at

Throw Back Thursday: Our Viral Cute Baby Signing Video

This week we’d thought we would do a little ‘Throw Back Thursday’ for you. It’s been 8 years since we posted this video, where has the time gone? Fireese is all grown up, and this video has been viewed by over 4.5MILLION people! If you haven’t seen it already, we hope you enjoy it!

Happy Signing!


New AWESOME Sign Language Handshake – Kid President’s Guide to being Awesome – inspired

In celebration of his new book “Kid President’s Guide to Being Awesome” Kid President asked us to make up a new ‘awesome’ handshake using sign language. He has a section in his new book, “Kid President’s Guide To Being Awesome” on making up a new handshake. We accepted his challenge and the kids came up with an AWESOME new handshake. Be sure to check it out and see if you can learn how to do it too!