Alphabet Game – Easy and Fun ABC game – Video!

This is a fun Alphabet game we play on our family walks or when we are waiting for a meal in a restaurant or waiting at the doctor’s office. It’s a great game that only requires your mind!
Pick a category – can be any category – people, food, animals, places etc. The more narrow you make the category the harder it will be. You can make it people to be general or ‘people you know’ to make it harder. You can say ‘food’ to make it general or ‘fruits’ to make it harder (depending on the ages of the kids).
Start with the letter A and say a word that starts with A then the next person has to say a word that starts with B then the next person, C and so on. X is always hard and we often sip it.
This is a great game to help little ones recognize what words start with what letters and the sounds they make. Have fun!

Family Rules – Getting Families to Cooperate : Video

Getting everyone in the family to get along and participate in keeping order can sometimes be a big frustration. I found in my family that the kids are at the age where they fight a lot and getting them to clean up can be more stress than just doing it myself. I heard about ‘family rules’ before so I decided to try it. We sat our kids down and talked about what rules are important in our family to allow us to all get along and for the house to run smoothly.
The kids really responded well to this. We guided them to good rules but they mainly came up with them on their own. We will see how it goes but the first week has been good. I love being able to point to the rules as a reminder.

If you have any good parenting tips that make life easier please email them to me. I’m always happy to share info with our community that makes our lives easier!

Make Your Own Marbled Paper – Paper Craft for Kids

What kid doesn’t love doing crafts and being artistic?Here is a great video of an activity your children will love! For this craft you need to use oil paint – if you use other paint it won’t work as well. You can use linseed oil or replace that with sunflower oil that is easier to find in the grocery store.
This is a fun and easy craft for kids. Once the paper dries you can make beautiful cards or wrapping paper out of it.