Signing Stories: An Update on a previous story!

We really do love hearing your signing stories, and we are so excited to share this update from Mom Jessica, and baby Madelene who we featured on the blog back in September! It’s so great to see the progress of babies and their signing. Thank you so much for sharing Jessica!

Hello again,

Just wanted to share an update on little Madelene who you featured on the MSH blog back in September.
I am happy to share this video with you and the rest of My Smart Hands. Thanks for your interest in our progress! Madelene (who will be 18 months in a few days) loves Laura’s ABC song and it has helped her recognize some of her letters already. Signing, in general, has done so much for us and for her. Lately, signing has even helped her learn several colors. It’s fun seeing her progress. She was just a day shy of a year old when she was first on your blog and knew about 8 signs. At almost 18 months now she has been taking in signs very quickly and uses about 70 different signs. As she’s starting to talk more, I’ve noticed that I show her fewer signs for things but I’m trying to routinely give her more signs because it’s just fun!  
Thank you!