Signing Stories: Extra love for Daddy!

We love hearing your Signing Stories, and this one brought a tear to my eye! If you have a signing story to share, please send it to rcdirector(at) and you could be featured!

My daughter Bailey did her first sign, ‘milk’, at 7.5 months old. We had been working on that, along with Mommy, Daddy and eat. By 9 months she didn’t show much interested in the other signs at all, or so we thought! Her Daddy often goes away on business, and had a flight cancellation the last time he left. I had Bailey sitting beside me playing with her toys happily when I placed a video call to chat with him. As soon as she heard his voice she looked right at him and started signing ‘Daddy’ and saying ‘Dada’ with a huge smile on her face! It was the first time we even saw her attempt it. Daddy was so moved he actually had tears in his eyes! Thank you so much My Smart Hands for your great videos and encouraging us to sign with our daughter!

Thank you so much for sharing Clara!!