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ASL Songs for Kids – My Smart Hands Baby Signing Songs with Fireese

What child doesn’t love songs? Check out this collection of kids songs, song by Fireese! Press play, and enjoy along with your children.
Want to learn the lessons for these songs first? Check out our playlist with all the lessons here:

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Opposite Signs Lesson and Song – Learn with Fireese!

Learn these opposites signs and how to put them in a fun and engaging song! This is a perfect way to help your child learn key ASL signs! You’ll find Fireese a great little teacher for your child!

To learn more with Fireese, buy the video on DVD – http://www.mysmarthands.com/dvd-firee…

HANDmade Father’s Day Craft Ideas! + Learn the #ASL sign for DADDY!

We at My Smart Hands love HANDS, clearly! And with Father’s Day coming up, we thought we would share some great Father’s Day craft idea’s we stumbled upon on Pinterest. If you are looking for something to make, we hope that these will give you some great idea’s to get crafty, and make something HANDmade!

1. King Of The Grill

2. Hooked On Daddy

3. Ten Little Fingers

4. Hands Down, Best Dad

5. Daddy’s Girls

And of course, last but not least, don’t forget to teach them the sign for DADDY!

Happy Father’s Day to all the incredible Dad’s out there!

What’s Your Favorite Signing Story?

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