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Regional Differences of Signs (ASL) | Viewer Questions

Today I’m talking about the regional differences of signs. There is sometimes more than one way to sign the same word. Be sure to check out what regional differences are and why it’s important to know.
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Soon vs Name in ASL | Viewer Questions

I’m answering viewer questions! Today’s question is what’s the difference between soon and name in ASL.
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Feeding Your Family | The Productive Home

I’m always looking at ways to make my life more productive. With two kids it can be hard keeping things organized and schedules on track. Over the next several weeks I’m putting together a series of tips on how to help us be more productive!
Today we are talking about feeding your family.
Ann Gomez is a productivity consultant and founder of Clear Concept Inc.
She is my life saver when it comes to helping me get my life organized.
We hope you find the tips in these videos useful!