Day 15 – Horse and buggy

Learn the ASL signs for ‘horse’ ‘black’ and ‘nice’

The kids are enjoying their time in Savannah. The riverfront walk is beautiful! Fireese and Hartford love seeing the boats go up and down the river. It is surprising to see the huge freighters on the river as it is very narrow and the ships are so huge. It’s almost intimidating to see them as they pass by. We were able to see tugboats working as they escorted the giant ships out to open water. It was neat for the kids to see the tugboat in action. There are also two great candy stores along the riverfront where they make their own candy. I’m sure we could have spent hours in each one picking out all the tasty treats.

The highlight of our day was going on a horse and buggy tour. We were going to take a trolley tour like we did in Saint Augustine but we decided to take a more intimate tour. I have to say that if you are ever in Savannah that it is worth the time and money to take a horse carriage tour.  The kids loved the horse ‘ride’ and we really enjoyed learning about all the history of the city. There were great stories from the locals that have been passed down from generation to generation.

I am looking forward to the kids being older so we can return and go on a ghost tour. We went on one before we had kids and it was really fun hearing all the scary stories about the city’s hauntings. I think the kids would really enjoy this when they are a bit older.

Day 14 – Fun In Savannah!

Learn the ASL signs for ‘break’ and ‘together’

We are thoroughly enjoying our time in Savannah! It is a great city to come with kids as you can feel like an adult and still entertain the kids. So far our favorite thing we’ve done with the children is sit out in a beautiful square in historic down town Savannah and listen to live music. We are able to sit and enjoy a cold beverage with the kids and all of us enjoy the band. This is something we would have done before having our muchkins and it is very enjoyable being able to share this fun with them.

Berg Family Road Trip 2011 – Learn ASL on the road with us!

We are going on our first major family road trip this summer. I am excited to share our experiences with all of you and have you learn a few ASL signs along the way!

Before having children, my husband and I would go on long road trips every year. We loved the adventure of getting away and exploring new places every few days. We would often flip coins to decide which direction to go in next. We both have a huge sense of adventure and we want to instill this love of travel in our children. Our road trip this year will be different that past trips because we’ll have two little monkeys tagging along with us. We won’t be a couple only going from place to place. This takes more planning than simply hitting the road with no real plans for destinations. We had to make sure that the travel between places wasn’t going to be too long and that each destination had something appealing for the children. When planning our road trip for our children we also wanted to make sure we were enjoying each destination as well. I think we have found some wonderful family friendly stops that will be fun for both kiddos and adults! We will be taking three days to get down to Clearwater Beach, Florida and then will be spending the next few weeks making our way back up home. We will be visiting such fun places as St. Pete Beach, St. Augustine (historic), Savannah, Myrtle Beach, Lancaster, Rochester and more. I hope you enjoy traveling along with us as we explore different hotels, restaurants, beaches and other fun stops along the way.

In honor of us getting ready for our first Berg family road trip we would like to teach you two new signs: ‘vacation’ and ‘travel/trip’

Please leave us comments with your fun family travel stories, great recommendations and any fabulous food places we MUST visit. We are all about the down home cooking of unique restaurants so please share!

Thanks for joining us!

The Berg Family