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MySmartHands baby sign language instructors help parents learn how to sign with their babies

Baby Sign Language Instructors

MySmartHands baby sign language instructors are committed to providing a thorough education of ASL signs to assist parents in preverbal communication with their babies. We are a team of passionate individuals dedicated to promoting the use of ASL signs in early communication. By signing up for a class, you will be helping your child to cultivate their learning, and yours too!

Our Mission

MySmartHands’s mission is to show caregivers the value of visual communication during preverbal development. Using signs from a beautiful language such as ASL can act as a bridge to more meaningful communication in our homes, our schools and our communities.

Founder & President

Laura Berg is the founder of My Smart Hands, a baby sign language organization. Founded in 2006 our instructors run baby sign language classes across North America. We teach parents ASL signs to use as a preverbal communication tool with hearing infants. Signing with babies can help reduce frustration as babies are able to communicate their needs to their caregivers using simple gestures. This type of early communication can make life easier for everyone!

Laura is also the author of The Baby Signing Bible, a top-selling baby sign language book.

Baby Sign Language FAQs

Signing with babies opens a whole new world you never imagined possible! I love that MySmartHands baby sign language instructors can share our passion for baby sign language with other parents and caregivers.

Laura Berg

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