Imagine knowing what your baby wanted before they could talk?

You can easily learn baby sign language to use as a tool to connect with your child and their needs with the help of My Smart Hands.

Parents signing with their babies

Did you know?

Research shows preverbal babies can communicate through sign language before they start learning to verbalize their needs?

Benefits of baby sign language:

  • Early communication
  • Reduced frustration
  • Early language use
  • Brain development
  • Closer bond
  • Boosts self-confidence

Want to learn more about baby sign language?

Do you have questions about baby sign language? Do you wonder how it will affect your baby’s language development? Are you curious about when you should start signing with your baby? Are you concerned it might be hard to learn how to sign with your baby? Visit our FAQ section to read more common questions and learn about other tips and tricks.

baby sitting with alphabet letters holding the letter E

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Each week you will learn how to sign with your baby through themes such as everyday signs, food, animals, and bedtime signs in a fun and educational way. Our classes are full of energy and are filled with music, games, books and more!

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Are you excited to get started signing with your baby? We are looking forward to have you join one of our fun and engaging classes!

Babies and Sign Language

Babies are able to communicate with us through signs long before they can speak. It’s amazing how much they are able to tell you with just a few key signs. Signing with your baby will help reduce the “what does my baby want” guessing game.

Watch this video to see Laura Berg, Founder of My Smart Hands, talking about signing with her daughter, Fireese, and the many benefits of using sign language with babies.  It truly is amazing to see what babies are capable of when given the tools!

Become a My Smart Hands Baby Signing Instructor

Do you love sign language and have a passion for teaching? Do you want to work for yourself and make your own hours? Being a My Smart Hands instructor brings you freedom and flexibility. You’ll be part of an amazing team of instructors and be able to do what you love!

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