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Our baby sign language products are designed to introduce everyday signs to your baby. Our flash cards and music reinforce the signs you are teaching your baby in a fun and entertaining way.

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Our music is designed to introduce everyday signs to your little one. We wrote our songs with key signing words in mind. For example, our Food song sings “Mommy I’m so hungry may I have cheese and crackers?” In that line you can choose to focus on food signs and simply sign ‘cheese’ and ‘crackers.’ Or, if you are more advanced, you can add the signs ‘mommy’ and ‘hungry’ as well.

Our baby sign language flash cards are fully laminated for added durability. They also come with a plastic ring for you to attach to your diaper bag or stroller for fun on the go! Click on each product above to read more.

How to Use Songs to Teach Your Baby Sign Language

Teaching your baby sign language using songs can be a fun and engaging way to introduce them to signs and help them communicate before they can speak. Here are some steps to get started:

Choose appropriate songs

Select songs that are simple, repetitive, and have clear actions or concepts that can be expressed through signs. Our songs focus on key signs that you can sign and sing along with. Nursery rhymes and children’s songs are also a good choice. Look for songs that have key words or actions you want to teach your baby.

Introduce signs gradually

Start by choosing a few signs that are relevant to your baby’s everyday needs, such as “eat,” “drink,” “more,” or “all done.” Begin with one sign at a time, and practice it consistently until your baby starts to recognize and imitate the sign.

Sing and sign together

While singing the chosen song, incorporate the corresponding sign into your actions. For example, if you’re teaching the sign for “milk” while singing our “Snack Rap” song you can sign “milk” when the song sings, “milk and cookies, milk, milk, and cookies.”

Reinforce and repeat

Consistency is key when teaching your baby sign language. Repeat the chosen songs and signs regularly, incorporating them into your daily routines. Sing the songs during mealtime, playtime, or before bedtime to reinforce the signs in a meaningful way.

Use props and visuals

To make the learning process more interactive, use props or visuals related to the songs. For instance, if you’re teaching the sign for “duck” while singing “Five Little Ducks,” show a toy duck or a picture of a duck to enhance the connection between the sign and the concept.

Be patient and observant

Every baby is different, and it may take time for your baby to grasp the signs. Be patient and provide positive reinforcement when they make an effort to sign. Observe their reactions and responses to the signs, as this will help you gauge their understanding and progress.

Remember, the primary goal is to facilitate communication with your baby, so keep the focus on fun and interactive experiences. Signing songs together can be a joyful bonding activity while promoting language development in your little one.

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