Do It Daily

How to introduce signs into your daily routine?

One of the signs that all parents use is ‘milk’. Every time you offer some to your baby, be sure to ask, “Do you want some milk?” while you make the sign for milk. It is important to always say the word when you make the sign. Remember, it is a way for your baby to communicate to you and not for you to communicate with him/her. While your baby is drinking, you can gently take her hand and squeeze it to show her how it feels to make the sign and say, “That’s the sign for milk”. If you forget to make the sign one day, don’t worry; just pick it up the next time. However, the more consistent you are, the faster your baby will pick it up.

To help reinforce the signs for ‘mommy’ and ‘daddy’, you can play a fun peek-a-boo game. Have dad hold the baby and have mom go just outside of view. Have daddy ask the baby, “Where’s mommy?” using a very excited voice while making the sign for ‘mommy’. Ask this a couple of times and then have mom pop into the room and say, “Here’s mommy!” while making the sign for ‘mommy’. You can also have dad move the baby’s hand to make the sign mommy. Then switch roles and have mom hold the baby and ask, “Where’s daddy?” while making the sign.

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Laura Berg
My Smart Hands, ‘educating young minds’