Signing Stories: Please! Cheese!

We love great signing stories. See what this Mom has to say about signing with her daughter!

Before my daughter was born, I knew I wanted to teach her to sign. I had always been fascinated with the research on signing for hearing babies. We loved watching Firese’s videos and enjoyed other baby signing books and videos.
I started signing “more” to my daughter at about 6 or 7 months but it wasn’t until 9 or 10 months that she really started to pick up on it. Once I knew she got it with “more” we moved onto “milk”, “all-done”, and her favorite- “dog”! She will be one this Friday and she’s up to 8 signs and loves it!
Funny story, we’re teaching her to sign “O” for Cheerios and she doesn’t do it yet but when she saw me pull out the box of Cheerios yesterday she frantically signed “please” “cheese”!!!! Haha! She knows that signing sometimes gets her a snack so I guess she just substituted a sign she knew in hopes it would work!
Here are a couple clips of her signing at 11 months.

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