Fun Ideas You Can Add to Your Family Summer Checklist

What Did You Do This Summer?

Fun Ideas You Can Add to Your Family Summer Checklist

Where did all the time go? Maybe it was the Spring weather in Toronto, but it seemed like we got such a short summer this year. Not only that, it’s back to school soon! Whether you are a parent or a teacher, you want to make the most of the rest of the summer before school starts back up and the weather starts changing. Check out this family summer checklist to make sure that you can check off each must-do summer activity before the season is over!

Did you go swimming?

kids swimming in a pool

One of the best parts of summertime is being able to go swimming. Whether you have a pool or made a trip to a lake, swimming is great exercise for adults and children. And an excellent way to cool down in the summer. Splash pads are great for younger kids, and have been miracle workers on scorching summer days. My son and I were lucky enough to go swimming in the ocean this summer. Have you been anywhere exotic to go swimming this year?

Did you go camping?

Our family camping trip over the Canada Day weekend was a real highlight for the family. Especially living in Canada, there are so many wonderful spots to hike and go camping, and they’re often not a far drive away. Check out the blog post we did on top tips for your next camping trip to make the experience the most fun and organized it can be.

a group of tents at night

Did you enjoy lots of summer treats?

Ice cream in a cup with sprinkles

Who didn’t love celebrating National Ice Cream Day in early July? One of the best holidays that we certainly celebrated all season long. Have you had a chance to get a sweet treat with your kids over the summer? Or, were you adventurous in trying to make your own ice cream at home? We would love to hear your recipe if you did! Making home-made popsicles is so simple and a real favourite activity for my kids, who can put whatever fruit they like inside to make it a healthy, simple and delicious treat to look forward to after a day at camp!

Did you watch fireworks?

Long weekends are a staple of the summer season, and it means being able to see brilliant fireworks displays – one for every statutory holiday in each month of the summer! Did you go anywhere special to catch one of these awesome shows, like a fairground or island celebration? Or did you maybe try to set up your own fireworks show for your family and friends? We would love to hear that story if you did!


Did you ride your bike a lot?

A red bike with a basket sitting in a field

No matter how young or old your kids are, bike riding is such a great pastime for the warmer months of the year. It gives kids a chance to learn a new skill, get exercise, learn directions for riding around their neighbourhoods and can be a great family activity to bond together. Did you go on any family bike trips to new areas that you perhaps haven’t visited before?

Did you go to the park and play outside a lot?

There’s no telling the great number of ways that being outside is beneficial for children – physically, mentally and emotionally. Did you get to a local park near your home as often as you could? If your children got to go on the playground a whole bunch, then that’s a bonus! There’s a lot to learn and discover while being outside about the world around us and the warm summer weather makes that an easier task – so long as you always apply proper sunscreen! What was your favourite memory from being at a park or green, open space with your kids this year?

a swing in a park with a play structure in the background

Did you go to a fair or an amusement park?

ferris wheel

Going to a fair with rides or an amusement park for the first time is such a thrilling experience for a child, if a little terrifying for a parent. With age-friendly options available for all kids, did you get the chance to visit a theme park or fairground over the summer? Let’s not forget about the sweet treats you can find at these places. The excitement, the rides, and the candy ensure that any day spent at an amusement park will leave your kids totally tuckered out. What rides did you and your kids venture on this summer? Was it a classic ferris wheel or something extra topsy turvy?

Did you go on an adventure or a trip?

Finally, summer means lots of time for big trips. Whether you got on an airplane or in your family car to drive a small distance, road trips are treasured moments – once the stress of packing is over, that is! Did you go on any adventures this summer with your family or visit somewhere new? If you’re in or around the greater Toronto area, why not visit the Elora Gorge, or Hamilton’s waterfalls? I’d love to hear any what fun things you did this summer. Tell us over on our Facebook page. Hopefully your kids had the new experience of seeing more of the world around them!

Open road with blue sky in the background
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