Halloween Lanterns – Art Project for Kids

Halloween is just around the corner, and kids all around are getting excited to get dressed up for a night of fun! We wanted to share a video where Fireese will teach you how to make these super easy and fun Halloween lanterns. Impress your Halloween visitors with these great Halloween decorations. Fast and easy craft idea!

Media Kit

MEDIA KIT ABOUT I am the founder of My Smart Hands Inc author of The Baby Signing Bible, international guest speaker and creator of a hugely popular family and parenting You Tube channel that has over 27 Million views and growing. Brands I’ve Worked With- GM, Cathay Pacific, Lowes Don Cesar, Hougoumont Hotel Australia, RBC,(…)

Opposite Signs Lesson and Song – Learn with Fireese!

Learn these opposites signs and how to put them in a fun and engaging song! This is a perfect way to help your child learn key ASL signs! You’ll find Fireese a great little teacher for your child! To learn more with Fireese, buy the video on DVD -…

Charades For Pre-Readers

Looking for a fun game for your pre-reader? You’ll find your little one will love to play charades by trying to act out what’s on the pictures. It’s a fun game that encourages kids to use their imaginations! Watch as Fireese and Hartford teach you how to play charades!  

DVD – Fireese’s Musical ASL Adventure

Enter the wonderful world of ASL in this super entertaining video. My Smart Hands has created this DVD to teach young hearing children the beauty of American Sign Language. Kids around the globe will enjoy this mother/daughter take on learning ASL. Developed by Baby Sign Language expert, Laura Berg and starring her daughter Fireese, this(…)

Parenting Tips: Keep Kids Spare Clothes Clean and Dry

So often are we asked to pack a clean set of clothing for our children when they leave the house. Whether it be for school, an outing with friends, or summer camp it’s required. Now think to yourself, how often have you sent them off with clean clothes, and had them return with messy, wet(…)

5 Photo Ideas for Back To School!

Do you remember those school albums your parents used to have, the ones where each year they put in all your information, dreams, pictures and only our BEST art projects? Do they even exist any more? In a digital age, things are definitely changing! Depending on where you are, School is almost (or already) back(…)