Halloween ASL Signs

Seasonal signs are fun to learn and teach our children! Here is a video that teaches a few Halloween signs: Halloween pumpkin jack’o’lantern costume witch trick or treat vampire ghost monster spider

Baby Signing Q&A

I’ve started a new feature on my You Tube channel where I answer viewer questions.     You can comment on the videos if you have questions or email them to

Baby Signing Research Paper

INFANTS AND AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE: TINY HAND-SIGNS BREAKING STRONG LANGUAGE BARRIERS Written By: Jessica D. Lovett Introduction to American Sign Language for Infants: When babies make efforts to communicate through sounds, babbles, and coos while parents try to intercept those messages and process them into “words” that the parent can understand, many times in the(…)

How To Start Signing With Your Baby

Many parents have heard of baby sign language but may not know why signing with babies is such a positive thing. Also, they may not know how to begin signing with their child.  In this article we will look at the benefits of signing with babies and how to teach your own baby how to(…)

ASL sign for Cereal

My children loved eating dry cereal from a fairly early age. They were able to easily pick up the pieces of cereal from their high chair tray. It was a quick and easy snack that I could also pack up and bring with us. Learn the ASL sign for CEREAL