ASL ABC Memory Game

I have recently added some fun and educational games for kids on my website. My daughter loved playing these types of games but there weren’t any available that offered everything I wanted in them. Because of  her interest in ‘memory card games’ I wanted to design a game that would be fun for kids and(…)

Phonics & ASL

When I taught my daughter how to read I used the ASL alphabet. She was more interested in learning those letters than she was in learning the written ones. When I first started teaching her the ABCs this is the process I used: I started by just singing and signing the ABCs to her. When(…)

Baby Signing & Literacy

Does baby sign language count as building literacy? The use of American Sign Language (ASL) is a perfect way to supplement any preschool curriculum because it can be used with all of the multiple intelligences. In linguistic intelligence you always speak while making specific signs so students are being exposed to two different learning modes(…)

Day 17 – Favorite Seafood Restaurant!

Learn the ASL signs for ‘crab’ ‘alligator’ and ‘cat’ Every time my husband and I visited Savanah we would eat at the Crab Shack. This turned into one of our favorite restaurants. It is a very unique experience that you can’t get anywhere else. You drive down a small dirt road to get to the(…)