Fireese Sings 3 Songs Live On Stage | 11 Year Old Sings with Dad

My daughter, Fireese, performed in her first live (non-school) public performance with her dad. You have to watch the two of them sing ELO’s Strange Magic together (the second song in the video), they just melt my heart.
Fireese was asked to participate in a charity event to raise money for an underfunded music program. She had the best time singing with her dad!

11 EASTER ASL Signs | Viewer Q&A

In today’s video we learn a bunch of Easter signs:
Easter, church, Sunday, bunny, chicken, chocolate, egg, candy, basket, hunt and share.

If you have any questions for me please feel free to email me or post it in the comment section.

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KINETIC SAND 2 Ways | CRAFT Idea for Kids

We’ve never made Kinetic sand and there seems to be several different ways of making it. We decided to try two different ways – cornstarch and dish soap vs slime kinetic sand. Watch the video to see how they turned out!
Do you have a craft you’d like us to try, leave your suggestion in the comment section below.

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Feeding Your Family | The Productive Home

I’m always looking at ways to make my life more productive. With two kids it can be hard keeping things organized and schedules on track. Over the next several weeks I’m putting together a series of tips on how to help us be more productive!
Today we are talking about feeding your family.
Ann Gomez is a productivity consultant and founder of Clear Concept Inc.
She is my life saver when it comes to helping me get my life organized.
We hope you find the tips in these videos useful!